Monday, March 23, 2009


3/16-22/2009---Busy time as Carol & I (Allen) made preparations to spend time on the boat in Demopolis, AL. We drove on Thursday the 19th, arrived at 6 p.m. Friday was spent getting re-aquainted with the Dream Manor. Found everything to be okay. Visited with other boaters at "The Wall". It is an area on the outside of the visitors building were the locals gather to discuss everything imaginable. Boating stories are endless.

The water level is dropping and much of the debris is leaving the marina. The picture of the restaurant in front of the boat has a lot more of the pilings visibile than seen in the photo with all the floating debris that was taken on March 3rd.

Replaced the filter cartridge on the the inlet water filter ahead of the softner.

Saturday was a beautiful day. Lots of sunshine and just a slight breeze. Much to nice to stay parked in the slip. We invited another couple to ride along and help with docking. The starboard engine would not start. Found the fuse to the battery was blown and the battery dead. Replaced the fuse. Switched the batteries together and the engine fired right up. Swithed back to individual batteries. We traveled about 15 miles up the TomBigBee and back just to enjoy time on the waterway. It was great!

We again met with other boaters at the Wall and shared a variety of finger foods that everyone contributed. It was intended as a celebration for those who are leaving the marina shortly to begin their spring and summer travels.

Sunday was somewhat overcast, but it made for a good time to wash some of the brown dust and green tree pollen off the boat.
The evening brought some excitement. About 8 p.m. I noticed one leg of shore power was not working on the boat. Outside I met with another boater who was reporting the electical problem to the marina management. As I stepped on the walkway in front of the next boat to the north, the sparks flew up beneath me. As I hopped quickly away, there was about six inches of flame comimg up through a crack between the walkway boards. It was discovered a 2"x6" board had come up through the dock flotation material and pinned the main cable against a metal frame. The problem was isolated and by hooking our cable into the power box for the next slip to the south, shore power was restored to our boat. Repairs will be made on Monday.

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