Thursday, March 12, 2009


An Important issue that was not reported took place on Feb 27th. Our good friends from the Gibson Plant in Portland, TN traveled to Demopolis, AL for a service call. Tom Austin (General Manager) and two of his employees arrived ready to work. We had been having a problem with fuses blowing between the external charger and the starter batterys. The batterys would then go dead since there are 12 volt lights that pull directly from them. The charger is required to keep the batterys fully charged when operating on shore power. The "Charles Industries" battery charger was spiking, allowing excess voltage to exceed the fuse ratings. Tom and the crew brought with them a new "Pro-Mariner" charger to replace the problem unit. They were very experienced and changed out the unit quickly. The "Dream Manor crew wishes to thank Gibson for taking care of this problem.

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