Friday, March 27, 2009


3/24-27/09---It has been overcast, windy and rainy for about 3 days. I don't know how many inches have fallen, but the water level in Demopolis, AL on the TomBigBee has risen a little over 6 feet! Todays picture of the restaurant looks a lot different than it did a few days ago.

It became partly cloudy on Friday and with the clearing there was an opportunity to take the boat out for about an hour to warm up the engines. A small green frog hitched a ride. Traveling downwstream at 1600 RPM the speed was 11 MPH. Returning upstream at 1600 RPM the speed was just 5 MPH. The current was quite strong!

Upon returning the local ducks came by to see if everything was okay. The water swirls in the marina causing debris to accumulate around the boats. There are a lot of tree branches floating in the vacant slip next to us.

Having warmed up the engines it was time to get to work. I changed the oil and filters in both the Yanmar engines.

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