Tuesday, July 22, 2008


7/22/08---What a day! Woodland personnel hand carried 20 pails of clean diesel fuel so we could put 50 gals in each tank. John Bloch w/ Bloch’s Marine Service, at the request of Woodland management, came over to purge the fuel system from the tanks to the engine filters. John is an experienced diesel mechanic. Sediment bowels were cleaned and primary filters inspected. Once the fuel was clean through the lines, new secondary replacement filters were installed on the engines. John bled water from each of the 6 injector lines on the starboard engine. Once the fuel was clean to that point, he tightened the connections. The fuel was okay in the injectors on the port side. Both engines started promptly. What a relief!

Upon John’s advice, the decision was made to change the oil again. The concern was we may not have adequately removed enough of the old oil on our first attempt. We made a trip to town for oil and supplies. Upon returning to the boat, both engines were run to warm up the oil to about 160 degrees. Keith & I performed a successful oil change including new oil filters. The system of attaching a hose to the dip stick tube and sucking the oil out of the crankcase with small vacuum pump is quite interesting. This completes the 50 hr service (actual eng hrs 54).

After washing the boat and filling the fresh water tank, bed time seemed to come late at 11:00 pm. tomorrow we will go to Bloch’s Marine to finish filling the boat with the other 420 gals of fuel.What a day!

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