Wednesday, July 30, 2008


7/29/08---Moved from the fuel dock to a slip that is not presently in use. Apparently the regular renter is on a boat trip. After our long trip the day was spent just enjoying the view. There are lots of sail boats in this harbor. Almost looks like a forest of straght up trees. Many other boats are also tied up in slips here. The harbor stays quite active. The water is so clear that the rocks on bottom can be seen several feet down. Keith cleaned all the air conditioner suction sreens and washed off the air intake filers. Nice to be cool. There is a very nice walking park next to the marina. Walking along next to Lake Michigan is rather unique for old country kids. James treated us to a great meal at his favorite Greek restaurant called the Pegasus.


Anonymous said...

Nice place to take your Power Walk, Maryann. Sounds like you are really enjoying your adventures

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to see all the pictures of "the windy city". I use to live there many years ago and it brings back alot of good memories! You guys have a wonderful time there and eat a deep pan pizza just for me.

Ron Garber

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith,

Quit playing around in the water and get back to work..........

Cypress, Texas