Monday, July 28, 2008


7/27/08---A little lazy today. We did a few boat chores and visited with Capt Moe. When we left Heritage Harbor at 11:30 am, the Canadian Geese were sitting on the block retainment wall. Traveling upstream to the Marseilles Lock at mile 244.6 was very pleasant. As we locked thru you can see the crew was doing a fine job of holding the boat against the wall of the lock. The next lock was the Dresden Island Lock at mile 271.5. Another successful lock thru, looking now like pros. There were many weekend boaters and travel was slow. When we could leave a wake the PWC's were jumping with joy. Having learned that boating harbors shut down between 4:00 and 5:00 pm, calling ahead early is very important. Planning ahead it looked like we had better get fuel before making the final leg to Chicago. Just did get in contact with Harborside Marina at 4:00 pm. They waited for a short time for us to arrive. This is another private marina that does not sell fuel to transients unless they spend the night. It was not a problem as we were happy with a short day. We stayed tied to the fuel dock overnight. You see Keith & Maryann disembark. We were treated well and the restaurant was good. The marina had several Gibson boats on display. Ron is a dealer and was very impressed with the workmanship on our boat. I put on my Wahoo Marine Sales shirt so he would know Scott Backman is the real dealer. We enyoyed a pleasant evening. Carol thought the little light house was neat.

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