Thursday, July 24, 2008


7/23/08---We started out the morning with considerable enthusiasm thinking our fuel problem was over. We eased out of our docking slip and traveled downstream about 15 minutes to Polestar Marina. Some water had to be drained from the sediment bowels. That must be about the last. We took on 420 gals of #2 Diesel. Out in the river we went. Within a few minutes the sediment bowels were filling with water. We shut down the port engine. Before I (Allen) could drain the water, the starboard engine died. We were now without power, Keith, called Bloch Marina to have them bring their work boat to help us out. Floating down the Mississippi without power is not the way to go. Fortunately after draining water we were able to start the port engine for some control. Bloch’s mechanic boarded and was able to get the starboard engine started. Water continued to appear in the sediment bowels. Back to Polestar, John Bloch maneuvered the boat onto their lift. The boat was picked up & leaned from side to side as we pumped water out of the main fuel lines. It sure would have been great if the manufacturer had made provisions for a tank cleanout! Again back underway.

What the heck, let’s go to Chicago. We had talked about it for quite some time. As we proceeded up the Illinois River to Hardin a small amount of water accumulated in the sediment bowels. At least it was manageable. We tied up for the night in front of Mel’s Restaurant. After a nice dinner and a walk, we were content to settle in for the night. Tomorrow as we proceed north we will be traveling into new territory for us. No telling what adventures lay ahead.

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