Monday, July 21, 2008


7/21/08---Woodland Marina personnel reponded to the dilemma created by having water in their diesel supply tank. They lifted our boat out of the water and pumped all of the contaminated fuel out of both tanks. The staff is working hard to get this issue resolved. JoAnn (Marina Manager) is most apologetic and provided a basket of fruit & spirits to help soothe our nerves. To give you a some idea of how large the boat looks when out of the water, observe the picture below to see Keith standing at the bow of the boat. The fuel was pumped into environmentally approved containment tanks.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we have to put a little water in our oil just to improve our profit margins! You were 15 miles from my deer lease when you saw the Hardin bridge. Hopefully you didn't have a close encounter with the Brussels ferry.
Best wishes to all,
Ron Garber