Monday, July 7, 2008


James enjoyed his short stay. We took him to lunch, showed him the world's tallest man and said our goodbys as he headed to Chicago about 3 p.m.. There were still festivities at Frontier Park in Saint Charles. A pole vaulting competition was fun to watch. At 15' high, not all the jumpers cleared the bar. The 4mcgees spent the remainder of the day in the park, among the the crowd of people, enjoying the various bands that played until after the fireworks. What a spectacular sight. The two barges tied end to end, were towed into position in the middle of the Missouri River, positioned paralell to the bank and anchored to stay. The Fire fighting boat demonstrated its pumping capability in case of problems during the show. As the sun set, the crowd grew more anxious waiting for the show to start. The mayor gave a short welcome and everyone stood as the band played "The National Anthem". What a great evening. The sky was clear and there was barely a breath of air moving over the water. We had never seen such a terrific fireworks show! It was breath taking as the huge, colorful flashes apeared to be coming ever so close. Looking almost directly overhead there was an occasional twinge in the neck from looking upward.

6/6/08 was spent doing chores on and about the boat.

6/7/08--A little word on the Mississippi River--the boaters are getting excited as the water level has dropped 5' in the past week. It went down 20" in the last 24 hrs! It is like somebody in Louisiana pulled out the stops to let the big tub drain!

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