Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Parking Lot

7/9/07---The Alton Fire Department is again washing the parking lot. This should be the last day of their cleanup effort. Notice the picture with the white tower. You sure can see how much the water has gone down. Another view is Carol walking up to the parking lot. When the water was high the ramp was downhill to the parking lot and not useable. Look at the high water marks on the fence. Remember the rock rip rap wall with the side of our boat in the picture? The water was coming over the top of the rocks in places -- now it looks huge and it is like we are down in a hole. The water level has dropped 9 feet! The swimming pool is very nice and it sure looks quiet after all the splashers that enjoyed it over the past weekend. Found a Black-crowned Night-Heron sitting quietly on the dock watching for someting in the water for a fine crustacean to eat.

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Anonymous said...

I have really been enjoying reading about your adventures especially since I'm familiar with the area that your in. Alton, Grafton, Hardin, St. Charles; makes me miss my deer lease! River dropping, time to start burning some of that high priced diesel. Us oil guys need some help to stay afloat. Be safe and have fun,

Ron Garber