Saturday, June 11, 2016

Spring 2016

It has been so long since I created a post, this is like learning all over.

Keith and Maryann arrived in Demopolis, AL on May 21, 2016. Dream Manor spent the winter in a slip in the Kingfisher Bay Marina. This makes the second year the boat has been kept here.Took some preparations to get the boat ready so they could stay on it. Most necessary was filling the fresh water tank. Having traveled on land for about three weeks they were ready to take a break.

Allen and Carol joined them on the boat May 26, 2016. The 4 mcgees are now together and the cleaning really begins in earnest. Having no attention over the winter spiders had really made a lot of messes. Mud-daubers had nests in various places and kept us on edge as disturbing them can cause attacks. Contrary to what some people say, it does hurt when they sting into the skin of these old folks and swelling does occur. Of course it takes many days to accomplish what we once did in a single day.

It has been an all out effort to get everything fixed in preparation to travel this summer. There were two exterior lights that had to be replaced. Radio on the stern had to be replaced and the radio control on the bow needed to be replaced. That involved quite a study to figure a way to pull new wiring. I say these things had to be done, but in reality we wanted them done. At some point the diesel engines were started to make sure batteries were okay and the engines would indeed start after setting for an extended period of time. Also checked out the generator. Got new gasoline for the Honda engine on the dingy. Added air to the inflatable tubes on the dingy and set it in the water. Engine ran okay. This also provided an opportunity to check the davit. Let out plenty of cable and wiped it with WD-40 so it would coil more freely. One of the fenders had deteriorated beyond any use. Replaced it and then after an extensive search discovered we did not have any line available for the fended. Line now on order. Of course any of the things done either required ordering off the internet and or making trips into town looking for supplies. Discovered the chart plotter on the fly bridge won't turn on. Tried several things in trouble shooting the problem. Finally decided it just would not work. Sent it in to be repaired or exchanged. So here we are June 11th still waiting for a chart plotter. Looks like it may be late next week before we are satisfied everything works and the trip up the Tom-Big-Bee begins.

In the meantime Keith and Maryann celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 6th.
Carol and Allen celebrated their 53rd anniversary today, June 11th.

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Anonymous said...

Nice photos! It's easy to find you on google when my memory doesn't work. Just typed in McGees adventure and it brought you up in number one spot!! Have a fun and safe journey!! Love you guys!! ❤️❤️ Crystal ps glad you're back to blogging!