Saturday, September 14, 2013


Sep. 8, 2013---Thought it might be good to make a final note. Believe it or not we got all the packing done and Dream Manor secure. It was about noon when the 4mcgees said their goodbyes and went separate ways leaving Demopolis in the rear view mirrors. Allen and Carol enroute to Youngsville, Louisina. Keith and Maryann on road trip to Montana and then home to Las Vegas. Will resume the blog when we return to the boat. Hope it will not be too long before we are back on the water.
Thanks to the readers who shared comments. It is always great to hear from those of you who are following the blog. Thanks again for riding along with the 4mcgees.


Don said...

The season was too short.

I hope we have a calm spring and you are all able to head north to St Paul next summer. I look forward to reading about it.

All my best to all of you for a safe and happy winter.

Keith Reiffenstein said...

I hope the Mcgees will be on the water this year