Friday, June 17, 2016


June 15 & 16 were busy days working on the refrigerator. It is a side by side Whirlpool located in a special spot! That is to say there is very little clearance on the sides and top. In order to slide it out for access to the back is a challenge. Guard rails have to be removed that provide hand assistance down the four steps from the galley to the bedrooms. Much trouble shooting was done in an effort to determine why it stopped making ice. In order to make tea, ice is critical. Replaced the filter which did not solve the problem. Of course the tattle-tell light would not reset to green. Still blinks yellow. Removed the ice making tray and took it to a local dealer to see what we might learn. Thermostat was by-passed to watch it operate indicating it should be functional. Reinstalled and performed bypass check. No water came into the tray. Figured now it may be the electro-magnetic dual water inlet valve. Water flows ok from the drinking side but not to the icemaker. Ordered a new tray and inlet valve assembly. Cleaned coils and vacuumed from behind the refrigerator. At one point I (Allen) slipped in the unguarded stairway removing some skin from left elbow and small gash created on outside area of the left big toe. After cleaning up some blood and getting kinks out of the old joints, new repair parts were installed. Bypassed thermostat in the new ice tray to put it thru the water cycle. Low and behold no water! At this point Brother and I are nearly exhausted. Watching the icemaker cycle and using a flashlight to see fill tube at back of the unit, Brother finally observed a small piece of ice at the end of the fill line. Stopped running the refrigerator for a few minutes and the piece of ice fell out. Put icemaker back through the test and of all things water flowed easily into the tray! Put the refrigerator back into operation and very soon ice was being made! Moved refrigerator back into its home and installed the precious guard rails. I have always maintained that education costs! This was just a two hundred dollar training program! Glad we didn't think of any more parts to replace.

June 17 (today), we drove to Meridian, MS for lunch. Did some shopping and returned to Demopolis, AL. Received the chart plotter we had to replace. UPS delivered it to the marina about 2:30 pm.
Barring any more issues, it is our intention to make grocery run and do laundry tomorrow.

A fast moving storm blew through lasting about an hour. It got very dark, windy and hard rain poured for a short time this afternoon. Rocked the boat, but nothing exceptional. Picture on our chart plotter radar shows most of the storm has passed.

Planning to start traveling upriver on Sunday. It is time to hear the diesels run!


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