Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lazy Day

Enjoyed a quiet day at the marina visiting with personnel and other boaters. Maryann washed some clothes and then we used courtesy car to make a trip into town. Ate a good lunch at Applebee's.
Of course a visit at Walmart is always an important part of any trip to town. Some groceries and other supplies were purchased and then made the short drive back to the boat. Essential to get out of the 101 degree heat. Expect to travel further north tomorrow.
 View of Stennis lock and dam.
 Another view showing some buildings near the marina office.
 View of empty boat slips. Columbus Marina office is the elevated building with lots of steps.

Look closely at the Dream Manor near the door. Maryann is returning from her walk with Bobbie. The ten month old Dachshund appears well in the lead! Those short legs make lots of steps.

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