Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Clifton Marina

Jun 28th was a day of rest. We just lounged on the boat while docked at Aqua Yacht
Harbor. Watched smaller boats on Lake Pickwick pulling tubes and skiers. Lake Pickwick lies just in Mississippi and heads up Tombigbee Waterway and intersects Tennessee River. Late afternoon Mother Nature interrupted the boating activities as everyone headed for shelter. A storm moved in rapidly. Fortunately the ugly cells of purple and red passed east of the marina. We got a short burst of winds and a sprinkle.
 Storm over Lake Pickwick.
 Backside of storm.
 Another look at the storm. Colors are awesome.

June 29th (today) Left Aqua at 6:00 a.m. Crossed Lake Pickwick about 2 miles to mile 450 the upper end of the Tombigbee Waterway system. Turned port into the Tennessee River at mile 215. Now mileage numbers will be counting down. Starting down river there is a spot where States of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee intersect as we cross into State of Tennessee. Went down 55' in Pickwick Landing lock at mile 206.7, only lock of the day. Traveled a total of 60 miles to Clifton Marina at mile 158.5. Arrived at 1:30 after a 7 1/2 hour trip. Another wonderful day on the river as there is hardly a ripple in the water. Very pleasant to ease along at 9 mph and enjoy looking at the huge homes along the river. 
 Bobbie watching the cooking with considerable interest!
 Maryann preparing potatoes as Bobbie continues to watch.
 One of the many homes along the river. All are built up high to hopefully be above the flooding.
 Keith entertains Bobbie to keep her away from the hot skillet Maryann is using.

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