Monday, June 27, 2016

Aqua Yacht Harbor

Another big day. Rankin lock at 398.4 with 30' lift. Montgomery lock at 406.7 with 30' lift.
Witten lock at 411.9 with 84' lift.  So in about 18 miles the elevation went up 144'. Continued to Aqua Yacht Harbor at mile 448.2 Total miles today was 54 in 8.8 hours. Had to wait 2 1/2 hours at last lock. One tow ahead of us had to lock up first. When that tug went out on top there was another tow coming down river. Had to wait for it to lock down. Exciting to see the tug was pushing a dozen barges loaded with coal. Very little coal is moving on the rivers. It is a shame the coal industry has been crippled so severely. It effects a lot of other folks besides just coal miners.
 Scott Paper Company located at mile 410
 Paper company has a huge pile trees on site.
 Whitten Lock located at mile 411.9  Another pleasure craft also waiting to lift up.
 Coal barges coming out of Whitten lock.
 Whitten lock has 84 foot lift. Walls look plenty high.
 Keith tending the line holding Dream Manor securely along the wall. Carol watching boat ahead of us as lock chamber fills with water to lift us to the next level. 
 Hard to see but there is a leak in the wall. Look at white line toward the back where water is coming through the wall. Just to the right of the navigation light.
 Coming out of the lock an Osprey is guarding its large nest on a light pole.
A nice cross located on a point about a mile from Aqua Yacht Harbor.

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