Friday, October 8, 2010


Oct. 7, 8, 2010--- Have we only been home two days? Already missing the boat. Comparing the Ohio River to the Tennessee River is an easy judgement call. The Tennessee is far more pleasant to travel and there are many more marinas to handle pleasure craft. They are also better equipped to handle repairs. There are lots of miles on the Ohio where there are no travel lifts to take a boat out of the water for prop changes and other service that may become necessary. There are some cities along the Ohio with river front walls where boats can dock overnight. We really enjoyed stopping at the small towns to walk the historical streets. Upper end of the Ohio from Marietta to Pittsburgh is more open to pleasure craft (last 172 miles). Not many of the marinas on the Ohio have 50 amp electrical service. Sometimes we had to function with a single 30 amp connection. No matter what, we sure enjoyed the experience!


RoN Friend said...

My how time flys. It does seem like only yesterday that you were in Pittsburgh.

But soon it will be 2011 an your odyssey will start all over again. You will be back on Dream Manor living everyone's dream.

Only hope that some day I will be doing the same.

RoN F.

Don said...

Anyone home?

Just wondering if the McGees will be returning to the water this spring.

Vicki B RN said...

Hey Maryann, Keith, Alan and Carol, Are you still going to be putting the Dream Manor in the water next week? I heard that April 12th was the day???? If so, happy waves to all of you. Vicki from California