Sunday, October 3, 2010


Oct, 3, 2010---Spent the day sorting through items stored on the boat. There are a number of items (boxes) that will be taken home. Still learning just what is really necessary. The ladies think since this was our third season, they should carry a lot of the clothes home and start with a new batch in the spring! Speaking of three seasons, figured some readers might be interested in the cum numbers. Following information is the cumulation of data since April 2008. Total engine hours 911. That amount of time covered 6913 miles in 543 days. Total fuel used is 6267 gallons. Average fuel consumption 6.88 gph or 1.10 mpg. Average speed 7.59 as compared to 6.74 this season. That season was .85 mph slower and mpg increased to 1.18 compared to the 1.10. Overall the year by year numbers are very similar. One other piece of information--we have now anchored a total of 33 times and done 2 soft landings.

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Don said...

So now you have done the Tennessee and the Ohio rivers.

Which did you enjoy the most, think was most scenic?

Next year I'm guessing you will access the Inter-coastal via Mobile Bay and head to Florida?

Love your blog and wish you all the best for the remainder of this year and into next year.