Monday, October 4, 2010


Oct. 4, 2010---Said goodbye to Carl and Ricki Guthrie as they are on their way to do the "Great Loop". They are wonderful people and the 4 Mcgees certainly have enjoyed becoming friends with them. They will make many more friends as they travel for about a year. Sure wish them the best. Felt a little jealous as we watched them leave Green Turtle Bay. On the right side there is a link for Questontheloop. Follow their blog from here or save it in your favorites and keep track of them on the big adventure as we will be doing.

Busy day packing. Things seen in these pictures is only part of what we plan to load in the rental mini-van and haul to Louisiana.

It will be a challenge to make it all fit.

The Dream Manor will sigh in relief and float higher out of the water!


RoN Friend said...

WOW What an adventure. You Odyssey is over for another year.

The Dream Manor will definitely sit A LOT higher now that the excess weight is gone.

Happy Trails until next year.

RoN F.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your adventures this summer; helped to make my workdays a little more bearable. Be careful coming home,and be sure to stop by the office.

Ron G.

Anonymous said...

have you heard of "space bags"? You put your stuff in them, and vaccuum the air out, compresses the items, saves space and is water/air tight.

Miss Nauti