Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Oct. 5, 2010---Finished loading the rented mini-van. Loaded it was! Just barely had enough room to bring our wives along. Picture on right is the skyline of Memphis, Tennessee. Made a brief stop on Mud Island to check on a property that Keith and Maryann own.

Turned west on I-12 in time to see the sunset. Just 107 miles to go. Makes one think there is light at the end of the tunnel! At Baton Rouge we merged on to I-10 and contined on to Lafayette and then home at Youngsville, Louisiana.

Unloading the mini-van keith is saying "who does this stuff belong to?" It was a good travel day. It took 11 1/2 hours of very steady driving to cover the 665 miles. Keith did the driving to minimize the number of stops. It was a relief to get out of the vehicle at the end of the endurance trip. It won't be long though before we miss being on the Dream Manor.


RoN Friend said...

Well I guess it is now Home Sweet Home again. Or is it really home sweet temporary Home.

Like you I spent six months on my houseboat and six months on land.

I can tell you which I like better.


RoN F.

Carl and Ricki Guthrie said...

Hey guys ... miss your smiling faces and great times. We are still saing south!

Carl & Ricki