Thursday, October 15, 2009


Oct 14, 2009---Yesterday (13th) Keith and I picked up a rental car and drove 95 miles from Columbus, MS to Demopolis, AL. His big van has been parked there since we began our summer cruising 159 days ago. It has been a great 5 plus months as we boated 2700 miles! We returned to Demopolis and turned in the rental car.
Today (14th) Keith, Maryann and I traveled in the van from Columbus, MS to Youngsville, LA.
It will be quite a change to be home for a while!

Water in the Demopolis Marina is about 6' above normal pool level and still rising. Peak is not expected for a few days and then it will take a while for the water to recede.

It sure is obvious why the restaurant is built on pilings.

A tug in the background is taking on diesel at the fuel dock.

On the north side of the present marina a future expansion is in progress. Huge amount of sand is being removed to create waterways for about 400 new slips. It is expected to take about another year before dock construction can begin.

Beyond the trac hoe a dredge can be seen. Progress is being made toward opening the river access.

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