Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Keith and Maryann drove from their home in Youngsville, LA, to Southaven, MS, on Wednesday, October 21. The folks at the check-in counter at the Comfort Suites were amazed by how much luggage was piled on their big cart. They obviously haven’t traveled with Maryann before! (She uses the excuse that, since she is a lifetime Girl Scout member, she is “always prepared.”) It rained that evening and the next two days. On Thursday morning, Chauffeur Keith drove Maryann to the Memphis Cook Convention Center for the first day of the Juice Plus+ Fall Leadership Conference, which was titled: Embrace-Share-Inspire. It certainly did all 3! That night Maryann, her good friend Laura Harrell and 4,000 others attended a Prevention Plus+ health seminar with Dr. Matt Brown at the Convention Center. Everyone had a GREAT time and learned lots! Friday and Saturday included classes and general sessions for Maryann from morning till evening. She very much enjoyed seeing her buddies from southern CA and meeting new friends from all over the world. After the Conference Wrap-up, the faithful chauffeur drove a few blocks to the annual River Arts Fest to see what there was to see. The day was cold and windy, so it wasn’t all that fun. Keith saved the day by driving to the Olive Garden in Southaven for dinner. Of COURSE the next day (Sunday, October 25) dawned sunny, dry and warm. After a yummy, hot breakfast, Keith, Maryann and the mountain of luggage piled back into the van and drove to Dream Manor at the Columbus Marina. It felt GOOD to be home, even though the pile of luggage and the many boxes of Christmas decorations had to be transported from the van to the boat. Thanks goodness for wagons provided by the marina! Ah well – they will be ready for the holidays; that’s for sure.

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Where are you? We miss you!

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