Sunday, October 11, 2009


Oct. 11, 2009---Raised the anchor and traveled about 2 miles to Whitten Lock at mile 411.9. We followed two boats into the lock.

Since the next three locks are not far apart the lock master called ahead to alert the other locks that we would be there later.

Did not learn just what was going on at Whitten lock, but they sure had an interesting crane assembly in place.Lock may require some repairs. Coming downriver this lock lowered us 84 feet. It has the most lift of any of the locks on the Tenn-Tom.

"Sweet Dreams" is the boat we traveled with yesterday. Will likely be together until reaching Demopolis, AL in another 3 or 4 days.

"Gipsea" had anchored across the lake and joined us for the day.

Got in and out of Montgomery Lock at mile 406.7 with no waiting. This lock lowered 30'. Upon reaching Rankin lock at mile 398.4 we had to wait about 1 hour while they lowered a tow with a heavy load of rocks. After another 30' down we hurried to pass the tow. Lock master had suggested we beat the tow to the next lock. At mile 391.0 the Fulton lock was bringing up a tow. Did not have to wait long before the lock was clear. The three pleasure boats got right in and went down another 30'. Thanks to the locks and the tug captains for their cooperation.

We continued another 14.7 miles to Wilkens Lock at mile 376.3 and anchored just above the lock. Bill and Anne from "Sweet Dreams" promptly set their dinghy in the water and took their dog to shore for some relief.
It has been quite a day. Made a total of 37.7 miles in 6.5 hours.

Plan to make 3 locks tomorrow and reach Columbus, MS

As the sun set "Sweet Dreams" was sitting quietly at anchor with Wilkins Lock in the backqround.

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