Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Oct. 6, 2009---A delightful treat for transient boaters! Cinnamon rolls are made fresh each morning and provided to the boaters as a thank you for staying. Today the delicious rolls were prepared by Barry Watts. He is an employee at the marina and holds a fresh batch.

Ray Whitney has been staying at the marina greeting loopers as they arrive. He really enjoys helping out everywhere possible. Soon he will be returning home to Port St. Joe Florida, where his boat will enjoy a warmer climate. He is encouraging other boaters to make the trip to Florida and winter at that marina. Sure sounds like a great idea!

We had visions of traveling today. Started the engines and then got word wind was going to blow with considerable force. Shut the engines down and got nestled in when the rain hit. Could hardly see across the marina. Wind blew with gusts near 35 mph. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

Late in the afternoon the weather had cleared to just clouds and five boats arrived. This is just one of the new arrivals.

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