Saturday, October 3, 2009


Oct. 2, 2009---A busy day at Pebble Isle Marina today. Tennessee Bass Federation was having a bass fishing tournament.

Fishermen were coming in to get their fish weighed.

It was certainly an opportunity to see really nice bass boats as there was a good turnout.

Standing in line for a turn at the scales. Holding their catches in a water tank to keep the fish alive. The tournament is catch and release. Just as quickly as they can after the fish are weighed, they are returned to the lake.

Several bass weighed over 5 lbs. Largest of the day was over 8 lbs. General average of most of the fish was about 2 lbs each.

In case anyone is attempting to locate this area of Kentucky Lake on a map---Look just south of where I-70 crosses the lake near the small town of New Johnsonville, TN. The marina is located in Trace creek about 1 mile off the Tennessee River. The town of Camden is on the opposite side of the river from New Johnsonville.

The loopers enjoy happy hour each evening about 5:00 p.m. Table and chairs were set up on the sun deck of the "Dream Manor" for today's gathering.

A great group of people enjoying food, drink, and lots of conversation.

"BB" was spotted watching folks on the dock.

We certainly had a good time and were happy they had agreed to meet on our boat.
Many nice comments were heard about the Gibson.

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