Saturday, October 10, 2009


Oct. 10, 2009---Left Aqua Yacht Harbor Marina at 9:30 a.m. Cruised down the TomBigBee waterway 34.7 miles in 6 hours. Chose to run slower today with "Sweet Dreams" following us. Bill wanted to check his fuel consumption at a slow rpm setting of 1030. Worked okay for us too because we made the run using 2.98 gals/hr with rpm's at 1600 traveling 7.7 mph. That is the best fuel rate achieved this year! At mile 414 on Bay Springs Lake we turned port into the well knowm"five fingers" and chose an anchorage in 12' of water.

Shortly after getting into the main channel there were 3 barges full of cut up tires.

About two mles down from the barges is a very nice RV park.
The trees in the park show the fall colors.

There are several spillways with water coming over the top and spilling into the TomBigBee. There is a very extensive levee system along the waterway.

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