Friday, November 7, 2008


11/3-7/08---On the 3rd we used one of the Grand Harbor courtesy cars so I could drive Keith & Maryann to Corinth, MS. A car was rented at 9:00 a.m. so they could go to Green Turtle Bay and get their van. I returned to Grand harbor and spent time visiting with the various boating neighbors. Keith & Maryann returned the rental car and arrived here in the van about 7;00 p.m. They looked frazzeled and completely worn out from the day's journey. Since I had not received an absentee ballot I left the Marina at 6:00 a.m. Tues (4th) and drove 8 hrs to Youngsville, LA. Since my wife was not expecting me, she was very surprised when I walked up behind her and asked "where do I go vote?" It is very important that everyone votes no matter what there preference may be. It is an important right that must not be lost. I spent several hours in Apache's office Wed visiting with my friends. On Thur I drove to Houma, LA to see a friend and look for a possible place to park the boat. It is so industrialized on the water ways that good places for pleasure boats are not available. There is some short term docking available near the Hospital. Who knows it might be handy to be within walking distance to a medical facility! Charts were available at a local store so I picked up those for Mobile Bay and the ones needed to get to New Orleans. Maryann sent me an e-mail saying that several more boaters arrived at the Grand Harbor Marina. They are travelers making the Great Loop. A few boat pictures are shown. Also a picture of the paddle wheel boat that operates on Lake Pickwick. Since I am still in Louisiana the blog may be somewhat hit and miss. I will keep everyone informed when returning to the boat as we intend to move farther south.

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What an epic journey. I talked to Skip on the fifth and all he kept saying was WOW. He and I talked on the phone for an hour about his trip east so ya know it must have been great.(Skip hates phones) I'm gonna get him online somehow.

His only regret was dropping Gorvan on his head.

Ray Mars(