Saturday, November 22, 2008


11/22/08---Did a few things inside the boat and decided to go uptown for lunch. Found the battery totally dead in Keith's van. After several attempts to get it jumped from other vehicles had to change tatics. Were not able to get enough power off another car's battery. Used the marina courtesy car and drove to Walmart for a new battery. Had lunch at El Ranchero Loco. The mexicans served some good vitals. Back to the marina with the courtesy car as a lady was looking for it to take her turn to the grocery store. We were allowed two hours and just got back in time to keep from causing a stir. Installed the new battery and what a difference! The van actually started. At 3:00 p.m. we gathered with a dozen of local boaters for an evening cook out. I call them locals because some of them have been in this marina for a long time. The rest of us are considered transients. Every one brought something for the meal. The hot dogs and hamburgers were cooked on an outdoor grill and everyone ate plenty. We sure needed it after the recent lunch! The main thing was we had a great visit with the folks. It is always fun as everyone has a boating story or two to tell. Also got some recomendations for more of our journey. Some of the travelers are planning to leave next week. There are some pictures of the work in progress where the marina is going to expand by adding 400 additional boat slips. There are many boaters who like to winter here and preparations are being made to handle a lot more of those boaters.

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