Monday, November 17, 2008


11/17/08---A beautiful, cool, clear morning. The trees and clouds reflected on the water created an interesting picture. As the sun begins to rise and shine thru the trees, you can see the white anchor buoy laying on the still water to the left. We released the anchor at 8:00 a.m. and proceeded out of the quiet cove into the main channel. It was 2 miles to the Whitten lock at mile 411.9 and the gate was open with one pleasure craft already tied and waiting. We were lowered 84’ making the walls look very high as Maryann took a picture of the other boat. There were 3 more locks today: Montgomery Lock at mile 406.7 lowered 30’, Rankin lock at 398.4 lowered 30’ (waited 1 hr for a North bound tow at this lock), and Fulton Lock at 391.0 lowered 25’. We were lowered a total of 175’ today as we continue toward sea level. Below the fulton Lock the view begins to change as there are now cypress trees seen along the way. We traveled down the colorful waterway to mile 376.5. Turned port at 3:00 p.m. and went ½ mile to Smithville Marina. We were met by several of the locals who wanted to see our boat. After a good visit, walked to the little red office above the boat with the flag. Paid Jesse for overnight docking and went back to our boat to nestle in for the night. Found good internet service so the blog got a little longer than usual. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.

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closer to sea level may mean warmer temperatures.