Friday, November 21, 2008


11/21/08---After a restless night we pulled anchor at daylight and started out at 6:15 a.m. The view along the river was interesting with Alabama waterfront homes and lovely beaches. Rounding a turn at mile 249 were the white cliffs of Epes. The white is certainly a contrast to any other terrain along the way. The marks on the cliffs showed that a lot of blasting had to be done to open this area for the Tenn-Tom river project. There were also many vultures circling just downstream from the cliffs. Several were on the ground. I told Maryann they were looking for a body. She kind of smiled but I am not sure she thought it was humorous. I was thinking about old west movies. There was a small tug pushing a large tow. At mile 225 we passed the half-way point between the Tennesse River and Downtown Mobile. Just a mile before turning into the Demopolis Marina we passed the mouth of the Black Warrior River at mile 217.0 as shown on the red and green day marker. At this point we left the Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway and enter the Black Warrior-Tombigbee Waterway which continues to Mobile Bay. The entire 450 mile system is commonly referred to as the Tenn-Tom. We had traveled 50 miles today when we arrived at the Demopolis Marina at 1:30 p.m. The wind was gusting but we got docked okay.

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