Sunday, November 2, 2008


11/2/08---Grand Harbor Marina is the busiest area of any that we have stayed. There are numerous boats of all sizes enroute to and from Pickwick Lake which is 1 mile east. The marina Deck Hand sells lots of fuel. This area is on the Tennessee state line in the corner that joins Mississippi and Alabama.

As has been the case eveywhere we go, the "Dream Manor" is attracting a lot of attention. It sticks out past the end of the slip and becomes highly visible. There is something on the boat that causes folks to really take the second and third looks besides the hard top and davit. We have a lot of fun with our dog. "BB", short for "Boat Boxer", he stands gaurd and keeps a watchful eye for those dirty birds that like to make a mess. Folks have to really study to determine if it is real!


Anonymous said...

Is BB actually accomplishing anything?
rr granny

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed following your adventures. It's making me feel like I'm retired! When did the dog arrive?

You guys be safe,