Wednesday, November 26, 2008


11/26/08---There are numerous historic sites throughout Demopolis. Demopolis, Alabama is located approximately 200 miles North of Mobile Bay on the Tombigbee River. Located south of Tuscaloosa about 75 miles there are many college football fans in this area. Tuscaloosa is the home of the Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama. Their team is presently ranked #1 in the nation. Back to Demopolis history. Demopolis means "City of the People". There seems to be a lot of pride and spirit in the community as many activities are planned for the Christmas season. This is quite an old city as many are that grew up along the banks of the rivers. On March 3, 1817, Congress passed an Act which paved the way for the settling of Demopolis by a group of political exiles who had been banished from France by King Louis XVIII following the abdication of Napoleon Bonaparte. About 150 people started the community two years before Alabama became a state in 1819. The Rooster hall is where the town council presently holds their meetings. Roosters were sold to raise funds for construction of the Rooster Bridge. An alligator in the window of the library is showing the Christmas spirit.

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I told you Demopolis was historical.