Sunday, November 29, 2009


Nov. 6, 2009---Tabor keeps his beautiful airplane in a hanger located in Petaluma, CA. His specialty is towing gliders up to the mountains where he releases them to enjoy updrafts along the coast. Gliders can soar for long periods of time in this area. Tabor has made over 6000 tows!

This aircraft is a 1959 Cessna 182 C. It has been modified with a 300 HP Contenintal engine and 3-bladed McCauley variable pitch prop. Because of it's age Tabor often puts the plane in antique shows. It looks like new!

Clouds and fog made a poor day for flying so a drive into SanFrancisco was put on the agenda. Golden Gate Bridge was awesome in the fog.

Along Fisherman's Wharf a varity of vessels were seen in the bay. Alcatraz looked very dreary in the distance.

Lunch at Nick's Lighthouse was enjoyable. Lots of folks along the street were taking part in local attractions.

USS Pampanito is a World War II submarine constructed in 1943. It is tied up at the wharf for the public to view.

Today's tour was extra special as Tabor served on another sub just like this one. Having a personal tour guide is an unforgettable experience.

He pointed out many details and experiences as each compartment in the submarine was viewed with increasing interest and respect for those who have served.

Thanks to those who have served, and are serving, in all branches of the military.

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