Sunday, November 29, 2009


Nov. 7, 2009---Weather cleared! What a great day for flight. Tabor was focused as the airplane lifted off the runway and made a smooth climb to a comfortable cruising altitude above the mountains.

This is the only way to enjoy a true overview of the terrain. Mountains take on a whole new look when seen from the air.

It was hazy over the bay, but certainly great to see from a great vantage point.

There are many grape fields in Napa Valley. Wine is a major product in this area.

Grape plants are planted in very straight rows. Apparently that is important to the growers when it comes time to harvest the grapes.

There is a golf course in Petaluma not far from the runway. Golfers could be seen enjoying the day.

On final decent Tabor lined up straight on the runway.

It was fun to see the shadow follow as the aircraft neared the ground.
Landing was smooth, smooth, smooth.

Lunch at the local diner was a must.

Later in the afternoon a backyard birthday party was being held at the home of one of Tabor and Marlys's granddaughters.

Tabor proudly posed with birthday girl Kristen nearest him and another granddaughter Yonnie.

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