Sunday, November 29, 2009


Nov. 13, 2009---Tabor took Allen on a bird hunt at Quail Point Hunt Club.

When positioned near the assigned fields, birds were brought out in a jeep and planted in the grass. Quail and Pheasant were the birds of choice.

After waiting for the birds to settle the dogs were unloaded and exercised. After a while it was time for the dogs to get to work.

Walking the field it became obvious the dogs were well trained.Tabor commanded his black lab to "find the birds" and that is exactly what the dog did. As the birds were flushed from the grass an opportunity to shoot was short.
Tabor certainly showed he had done this many times before.

Doc and Tabor on the tailgate. Surely some laughter took place when it was mentioned how slow Allen was to get ready to shoot!

Everyone had a good time.