Sunday, November 29, 2009


Nov. 11, 2009---Drove to San Francisco. The Veterans Day traffic was incredible! Drove around in the Golden Gate park and chose to return to Santa Rosa.

Mt. Tamalpais on the right took on more meaning after climbing to the top yesterday.

Tabor and Allen slipped away to the airport in Petaluma. It did not take long to pre-flight and get in the air. It was a calm day and just fun to fly around the local areas.

Home of Tabor and Marlys can be seen in the picture on the left. It is the house with a brown roof to the right of the pond and nearly hidden by the single yellow tree,

After leveling out at cruising altitude of 3000 feet Tabor turned the controls over to Allen. What a thrill as it has been 13 years since Allen had an opportunity to fly. Allen sold his Cherokee 235 in 1996.

Of course Tabor took over controls for the landing!

It was really great to fly the plane! It is a terrific performer with the 300 HP engine.

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