Friday, September 26, 2008


9/25/08---Factory representatives from Gibson Boats manufacturing plant came to Polestar Marina to do some work on various boats. We moved our boat to Polestar for the day. Keith & I had a good visit with Tom Austin, Gibson's General Manager. The work done on The Dream Manor was to remove the shifter locks. The purpose of the locks was to keep from shifting unless the throttles were fully backed off to the idle position. That is very important, but sometimes the locks would hang up and prevent the shift levers from moving. Not a problem in the middle of a lake, but in close quarters around the dock it is important to be able to shift in a timely mannner. We are glad to have them removed. Vents were also installed in the stern platform to stop the condensation from forming and dripping from the light fixture. The pictures of the boat show returning the boat to our slip at Woodland Marina. While we spent the day with warrenty concerns, Maryann and Carol spent the day shopping in the town of Florissant. They also enjoyed seeing some of the older parts of the city.

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