Tuesday, September 30, 2008


9/28/08---The 4mcgees had discussed atentending a pro football game in St. Louis for quite some time. The opportunity arose last Sunday. After choking at the cost of tickets we decided to go, as this would be our last chance this season. The Rams hosted the Bills. Keith met a couple of characters at one of the tailgate parties.The game went well for the local team thru the first half with a score of 14 to 6 over the Bills. The second half went entirely in favor of the Bills who won the game handily 31 to 14. It was a lot of fun to see a game in person. The fans make it a lot more exciting. Did somewhat miss the comentary and all the replays that are shown on TV. The half time show was a group of 100 breast cancer survivors. The ladies showed a lot of enthusiasm as they showed the pink ribbon. I am sure they gained a lot of support for their cause.

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