Sunday, September 21, 2008


9/20/08---The river level has dropped 4 ½ feet since we returned to the boat. Those who have been ravaged by hurricane Ike will be glad when levels return to normal all the way to the Gulf. Wahoo Marine held their Houseboat Fall Expo at Polestar Marina. They had several boats tied along the walkway for people to board and view. We enjoyed visiting with Scott Bachman and his family as well as some of the folks just looking or dreaming of owning a houseboat.
After lunch at the Muddy Gap Restaurant a nap was in order. Then preparations were made to attend the Stand Up For America Hanger Dance. The theme was dress from the 40’s. Carol and Maryann did a great job and several people asked to have pictures taken with them.

The 25th annual event was held at the CAF Hanger at Smartt Field (St. Charles County Airport). Music was appropriate for the era being portrayed.

The “Sentimental Journey” band played great music. Maryann dresses as Rosy the Riveter and attracted plenty of attention as she showed her muscles.

Carol dressed in her Grandmother’s clothes that she has been saving for so many years. Being all original attracted the attention of the judges and she received top recognition in one of the three categories.

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Anonymous said...

So cool !!! My Mom was a Rosie the Riveter" type during the war. Wonder if she looked like you, Maryann. And WOW, Carol looks so cute too. Looks like you are glad to be back Home again on the River. Have a safe journey. Vicki