Saturday, September 27, 2008


9/27/08---A beautiful fall day! Old town in St. Charles on Main street was busy with people going to and from the Oktoberfest held in Frontier Park. We chose to eat at the Lewis & Clark Restaurant at an outside table on the third floor. The Missouri river could easily be seen from there. At the park a two man band was playing some old time rock and roll that was great fun for listening.

We met the St Charles Area Wood Carvers, Charles Sapp and Bill Kuhn. They had the very best carved pumpkins at the festival.
Participating in the displays that were sponsered by the Art Council they were certainly good representatives.

Some of the painted pumpkins at other displays were quite amusing.

Keith and Maryann showed great interest in the hand carved cookoo clocks.
After several hours were spent at the Oktoberfest we moved to another active spot. There is a place called "New Town" not far from where we keep our boat. They were celebrating their Fourth Annual "Blast" sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. It is truly a family festivity with lots of children enjoying the the various booths. The largest grocery cart I ever saw was on display. A powerhouse engine would make fast shopping! A fun day was had by all and even thou the band was still playing we chose to go back to the peace and quiet of the Dream Manor before the mesquitos began taking over.

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Charlie said...

Great to meet you today at the carving booth. Good luck in your adventures - we'll check in with your blog in the future.

Charlie Sapp
St. Charles Area Woodcarvers