Monday, February 23, 2009


2/20/09---Keith and Maryann made a road trip to Tuscaloosa, AL.

Hi from Maryann! So here are our pix from today’s excursion to Tuscaloosa. The first ones are the “field art” by the side of Highway 43 about 10 miles north of Demopolis.

The military ones came from a “Veterans Park” we came across while driving on McFarland Avenue in Tuscaloosa. They had some small black walls (like the Vietnam Wall in WA) that listed the names of their state’s war dead. Unfortunately they were very reflective, and there was no way to take pictures of them without being mirrored in them. (I tried one & wasn’t happy with the results.) Keith & I had a good time. We actually drove over there to go to a really nice health food store, & it turned out to be a fun field-trip too! And of course we pigged-out at Arby’s and had TCBY frozen yogurt for desert! A perfect day.

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Amazing what can be done with a round hay bale, besides feed livestock.
rr granny