Monday, February 23, 2009


2/18/09---Maryann's report of activity on and near the boat.

Keith said just to tell you that he and the other Keith over at the gas dock have been solving the problems of the world over multiple cups of coffee during the past few weeks. Picture of the 2-Keiths is shown.

It has been typical spring here – unsettled. We’ve had days of sun interspersed with days of wind and rain, and sometimes all 3 on the same day! Just a few minutes ago we had lightning, thunder & hail. It’s still raining lightly; we’ll see what develops later... (The weatherman on TV said we are in an area that has a chance of tornadoes today – yuck!)

Keith & I drove over to Meridian, MS, on Friday the 13th to shop. It was a rainy day, but it was still fun to go somewhere else. Our first stop was Olive Garden, where we enjoyed their soup, salad & breadstick lunch – perfect for warming us up! We found a health food store with a helpful lady proprietor who gave us telephone directions x 2 to her location. Unfortunately they were “female directions” (according to Keith), so they were 180 degrees off. After the second phone call and with blind luck, we found her. Her little store didn’t have much of what we needed, but getting to meet her was an absolute joy. She reminded me of an older Dolly Parton (don’t go there, Allen – that’s NOT what I’m talking about); she had a great sense of humor, and her voice & mannerisms were pure Southern Sweetness.

You know me - I spend my days exercising, cooking, cleaning, reading and doing my Juice Plus+ business. I’ve been promoting Prevention Plus+ events in 3 states this week. I will be hosting a Lunch & Learn next week in honor of American Heart Month (see attachment). My goal is to meet more of our neighbors and share info about heart health.

We had temporary neighbors for 2 nights – a sailboat named Blo Mee (is that clever or bad or both?) was docked on our port side. They have moved over to dry storage in order to have their bottom re-painted before warm weather hits. Like some of the folks around her, they will live aboard their boat while it is on land. (I don’t know that I would trust boat jacks etc that much!)

I am becoming more involved with the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church. Last week I went to the Women’s Circle and participated in their Bible Study. It was good. My friend that I met last time is still “kicking”, even though she is greatly troubled with arthritis. Knowing of some of the problems facing folks in the congregation has added more requests to my daily prayer-list. (I wonder if God ever tires of being nagged by us humans?!)

In the meantime I (Allen) am still in "Wonderful Wyoming" where the deer and the antelope play.

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