Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Feb. 17, 2009

I call my wife (Carol) daily to encourage her to keep up the good work at home in getting our taxes figured. I know Obama is anxious for us to send some additional funds to Washington DC.

There are still some friends in the Gillette area that I hope to visit before making the journey back to Youngsville.

Keith and Maryann are on the Dream Manor in Demopolis, AL. They made a three day trip to Mempis after returning from Florida. Otherwise they have been on the boat. It is great they are taking care of the vessel!
I am looking forward to when Carol and I can join them.

Maryann sent me some pictures she took while walking. She is a dedicated walker and often travels parks and streets observing things the rest of us might not notice. There was a truck load of buoys that had been displaced from the summer floods. They are probably on the way to a repair facility. Notice the price of Coca Cola on the "old" building.

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Anonymous said...

Very Good job dear but what is a tree day trip. Love Ya