Friday, January 30, 2009


1/26/09---From our second floor room there is a good view of the beach. Even though the daytime temperature only reaches the mid 70’s there are several people walking on the beach. The clean, white sand feels soft on the feet. We drove around to get acquainted with the area and pick up some groceries to stock the refrigerator in our suite. Sunset was quite spectacular.

1/27/09---Spent the day on the beach as the sun shined brightly and the gulf was calm. The water appeared blue and sometimes took on a green hue. There was someone attempting to fly a kite, but the air was so still he was not having much success. The best flight was a guy in his one man, powered, parasail. He was enjoying the view from his low level flight vantage point. Someone did a lot of work arranging the sand to protray their imagination. Sea gulls blended in the white sand. A boat looks stationary in the big water. Carol picked up a few sea shells. From here it is rather hard to believe that many businesses are closed in Oklahoma City because of the heavy snow fall in the central U.S.

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