Friday, January 30, 2009


1/28/09---Broadened our travels in the area. A large bridge over an expanse of water between St. Petersburg and Bradenton caught our attention. It is called the Sunshine Skyway.

Since this is the week of the Super Bowl XLIII we drove around the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. That is as close as we will get since we did not come to see the game. Especially when tickets for the various levels run $500, $800 and $1000 per person. Local news indicates there are some still available. Very likely a sign of the times.

In our travels Maryann spotted a neat church and Carol captured a photo of a very large cactus.
Found one large billboard near the stadium that shows the local team.

Located the Derby Lanes Dog Track and spent the evening placing small bets on the grey hounds. There is obviously something we don’t know about selecting the winning dogs as not one paying ticket was had in our group! Maybe that is why it is considered gambling.

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