Wednesday, January 7, 2009


12/31/2008-1/7/2009---All at once 2008 come to an end! Who knows what makes time fly bye. Perhaps it is the fast paced life everyone seems to lead. At any rate it is certainly hoped that each and every one of you had a joyous Christmas and started the new year with great enthusiasm.

It was wonderful to have friends and family around for the holidays.
Jeff McGee is the Grandson of Allen. You can see the pride in (Crystal) his mother, as we waited for his departure at the Lafayette airport on January 3rd. Jeff has been in the Marines for a little over 3 years. He is returning to California for additional training before he deploys to Iraq, the last week of this month. He is looking forward to achieving the rank of Sargent next month.

Another important date was January 4th. That is when Keith turned 63. He does not necessarily admit that many years, but according to the calender that is correct! His birthday was celebrated by eating pie instead of cake. It seems there were plenty of good things to eat from the holidays.

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Joe Printy said...

Besides solving the world's problems, this is what Keith does best....Eat. However, he solves a lot of problems en-route to the pie.