Friday, January 30, 2009


1/30/09---Still cool and breezy, but not bad enough to keep us in the room. We spent much of the day at “The Pier” in downtown St. Petersburg. It is a rather nice place with trolley service from the parking lot to the 5 story building on the end of the pier. The pier sticks out into the Tampa Bay and has been in service since 1889. There have been a few up grades since the original! There are several shops and restaurants in the facility. We had a great meal at the “Columbia Restaurant” on the 4th floor and enjoyed a terrific view of the bay. The ship on site (The Bounty) was built in 1962 by MGM for the movie “Mutiny On The Bounty”. Pelicans are very popular and seem to pose for their picture to be taken. Pelican Station sure is the right name for the trolly stop. To finish our downtown visit, we took a trolley around the area. The driver provided a lot of history about the various buildings and parks.
1/29/09---The local conditions deteriorated and the beach is nearly vacant. Maryann braved the wind and cool air to make her morning walk. She is very dedicated to a rigid, self driven, health program. The rest of us are not as eager and were lazy around the room as we waited for her to report how good she feels! The rain came down at various angles in the swirling wind. Most of the time was spent playing cribbage.

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