Tuesday, August 26, 2008


There may be some gaps in dates as we are no longer focused entirely on the boat. Various activities and projects are keeping all the McGees quite busy.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The two MO McGees (Keith and Maryann) went for an evening boat ride on Mike’s Gibson Houseboat, piloted by Scott. It was a lovely evening – balmy with a slight breeze. Several folks were aboard, relaxing and having fun. It was obvious how much the Mississippi River had fallen; we were glad that an experienced captain was at the helm. Scott threaded his way through the slough, avoiding trees and delivering us safely to a newly-formed sandbar. Looks like it will be a great place for future beach parties! After that we went downriver to check out a dredging operation. The water level has gone from flood stage to just the opposite extreme, and now they need to deepen the channel so that commercial traffic can continue.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Keith and Maryann attended an Open House this morning at Smartt Field in Saint Charles County. Although there were no planes flying, there were several Warbirds present, thanks to the local chapter of the Confederate Air Force. For $2 per person, we were able to climb inside a C-47 Skytrain, also known as a Gooney Bird during WWII. This particular plane came off the assembly line in 1941 and is now the oldest true C-47 still flying in its original configuration! During the war, this plane carried troops, jeeps, artillery pieces and other heavy equipment. Keith was reminded of the C-141s that carried him and other troops to Vietnam and back in the ‘60s. He said the insides of the planes haven’t changed much; they just hold more people. Definitely a no-frills flight!

After the Open House at the airport, we headed for Louisiana by car, since Dream Manor will be out of the water for at least a week for repairs. It took us 3 days to make a 12 hour trip! (Actually we made a side-trip to MS to visit friends for two days.) Along the way, Allen called to ask what was taking us so long. Seems his family has put him to work, and he needs a helper. Since we are at loose ends, we thought we’d share a picture of Keith’s feet with you. This is what results when you wear sandals all summer without sunscreen!

August 26, 2008
Keith & Maryann arrived in Youngsville, LA this afternoon. Having joined Carol & Allen, the 4mcgees will spend some time here and then return to Missouri when the boat is ready.

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I received your name from Kelly Sovine at Gibson. I am writing an article about the new generation diesels for Houseboat Magazine and would like to speak with you. I can be reached at:
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