Friday, August 1, 2008


7/31/08---Carol & Maryann stayed on shore while Keith & I took the boat out of the harbor and into the lake. One purpose was to get some pictures of the boat with the Chicago sky line in the background. After numerous shots we pulled back into the fuel dock and picked up the ladies. It is important they be on board as we find they are a very helpful crew.

We traveled up the coast line enjoying a smooth ride on Lake Michigan. The sun was shining and with no wind the water was spectacular.

The water is so blue and pretty compared to the muddy Mississippi. Upon returning to the harbor we laid the radar arch & bimini top back down in preparation for our departure from Chicago. There are many low bridges in the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal until getting south of Joliet. We are looking forward to a good trip back to Missouri. Nephew (James McGee) picked us up and showed us his apartment. We also spent some at the "Cafe Refreshed" where Julia waited on us. Later James took us to a fine place to eat where we could sit outside on the second level.

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