Sunday, August 3, 2008


8/2/08---A rather busy day. Keith borrowed an Expedition so we could drive into the nearby town of Morris. It is just 13 miles from the Harborside Marina. Located right on the Illinois River it seems like a busy town. After locating Enterprise, Keith was successful in renting a vehicle. We went back to the marina and returned the borrowed vehicle. Keith & Maryann drove to Alton about 480 miles round trip. They met and picked up a set of props from our boat dealer, Scott Bachman. These are the original props that were on our boat. They will work until the new ones arrive. We are told it could be as much as 5 weeks delivery on new props. While they made the trip to get props, Carol & I washed the boat. At least the boat looks great sitting quietly in front of the lift. There have been many of the local boaters stopping by to look at our boat. We get lots of compliments.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS MARYANN!!! Hope you have a good one and that you four are back on the "river" again real soon. Am really enjoying your blog and keeping up with your progress and activities.

tda@ti said...

Wow, again I love the stories and pictures!! What an amazing time you are all having! Well, as it is 110 degrees here, I will keep working while I continue following the 4 McGee's Adventures! I feel alot cooler when I can see the pictures of the water and that beautiful boat!! Thanks for sharing all the photos and keep on shooting that camera! Photograph the sea gulls for me!! I love them!

Continue on and be careful!